NICE WALKY 1024 c | Elektro mechanische draaipoortaandrijving kit. levertijd=4 weken.

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NICE WALKY1024c | Elektro mechanische draaipoortaandrijving kit.

1 motor voor tuinpoortjes en looppoorten.  links of rechts te monteren.

Extra compact design.  open en/of sluittijd=7 seconden.

minimale montagebreedte=8cm.


levertijd=minimaal 4-8 weken.  wordt op bestelling gemaakt.

Complete Kit bestaande uit:
- 1x aandrijving WL1024C
- 1x besturing WLA1
- 1x ontvanger OXI
- 1x handzender ON2E
- 1x waarschuwingsbord TS



Geschikt voor:1-poortvleugel
Poortvleugellengte (mtr):tot 1,8 meter
Poortvleugelgewicht:tot 180 kg
Besturingssysteem:Opera systeem


The Nice WalkyKit 1024 is a 24v articulated electric gate opener single kit. Ideal for automating swing gates with leaves up to 1.8m in length and 180kg in weight.

The WalkyKit series is available in double / single kit options.



Ultra Compact

  • Ideal for wood or PVC pedestrian gates
  • Suitable for gates with small posts (8cm width minimum)
  • Great for areas with small walls or obstacles that are adjacent to the post

Safe and Reliable

  • Anti-shear arm for extra protection
  • Built-in mechanical stop on closure (when the full arm is installed)
  • Capable of use with safety edges for maximum safety
  • Can be operated in a black out with optional PS424 backup batteries

Quick and Convenient

  • Capable of opening or closing in as little as 7 seconds (with reduced arm and 90° opening)
  • Rapid motor release for manual operation of the gate in the event of power failure

Smart Technologies – Integrated 24v Control Panel

  • Fully compatible with Nice’s Solemyo solar power kit and Opera management system for GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity / operation
  • Integrated Nice BlueBUS technology, allowing connection of up to 12 devices with just two cables
  • Connection for EN compliant 8.2K safety edges
  • Automatic fault diagnosis
  • Simple to program, capable of programming pause timing
  • Self-learning of opening and closing limit positions
  • Deceleration on opening and closing for smoother, quieter operation
  • Optional rechargeable back-up batteries for operation during a power failure (model no. PS424)




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