2x Ditec cubic 30. 230v motoren.

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De Ditec cubic 30 is het oudere type van Ditec.

230v motor


The current model is the Ditec Cubic 6.

The Ditec Cubic 6 and Cubic 30 have different foundation boxes so if you have a Cubic 30 foundation box then only the Ditec Cubic 30 motor will fit in this foundation box.

Additional Information:

Service life: 3 (minimum 10÷5 years of working life with 30÷60
cycles a day)
Applications: FREQUENT (For vehicle or pedestrian access
to town houses or small condominiums with frequent use).


(each 6 months)
Power off 230 V:
– Lubricate the levers of the geared motor.
– Lubricate the rotation pivot of the gate leaf.
– Lubricate the gate leaf hinges.
– Check the good conditions of the electric connection.
– Check that the fixing screws of the geared motor are firmly
– Clean the inside of the cases and check that drain is not
Power on 230 V:
– Check the power adjustment.
– Check the good operation of all command and safety functions
– Check the good operation of the release system.


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